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Co-Founder/ Executive Director, Tressie Bloodworth along with her three brothers were raised by their Grandmother, Leona Scott. Leona raised her four grandchildren with minimal outside assistance while on a fixed income. Her goal was to keep her grandchildren together and raise them. She was able to witness each of her grandchildren reach adulthood. She passed away on December 31st, 2019 after she fulfilled her promise of always keeping them together. Her legacy of faith, family, love, grace, and strength lives on with the creation of Kinship Family Initiative, Inc. 

Co-Founder/ Co-Director, Lena Ford loved the time she spent with her great-grandmother, Leona Scott. She learned so many life lessons from her. One of the most valuable lessons she learned was the power of giving back to your community. At the age of 7, Lena started giving her time and resources to her community. She serves as co-founder and co-director to continue the legacy of her great grandmother. 

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Board of Directors:

Tressie Bloodworth - Co-Founder/Co-Director

Lena Ford - Co-Founder/ Co-Director

Undra Cummings - President

Angel Cannon - Secretary

Shameka Burrell - Treasurer

Tameka White - Accountant

Charity Dezelle - Program Director

Sequoyah Echols - Program Director


A group of women at a business meeting


"It is the reason why I am where I am today because my grandmother gave me the foundation for success that I was allowed to build upon" ~ Oprah Winfrey

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